Paw Bounce Ball

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Exercise For Your Dogs/Kids

Playing with a Bounce Ball provides physical activity, helping your dog/kids maintain a healthy weight and stay active. Ball games can enhance children's team spirit and promote the harmony of the parent-child relationship.

Improves Mental Stimulation

Fetching and catching engage a dog's mind, preventing boredom and promoting mental stimulation. It can serve as a wonderful alternative to treats when it comes to rewards for good behaviour and devoted companionship.

Creates Bonding

Interactive play with a Bounce Ball strengthens the bond between you and your dog, fostering a positive relationship & also playing ball games, with repeated repetitions can greatly help the child's mental judgment and improve the child's judgment.

✅Multiple ways to play: All in one, exercise children's athletic ability and make children's childhood colourful. Dog's favourite, good flexibility, not easy to break. If there is any problem with the product, please contact us. We attach great importance to the buyer's experience. After you raise a product problem, we will provide you with the most perfect solution. We will refund or replace it.

✅Multiple ways to play: After pressing, it is no longer a simple magic ball, it is a flying saucer ball, it can also be a magic ball football, or it can be throwing sandbags

✅High-Quality Material: The soft rubber material of the magic ball toy is not easy to be damaged, and the two forms can be switched freely. Press the yellow dot with the palm of the magic ball and stick it directly up and down.

✅Applicable scene: Let's play outdoors with children, train their reflexes and promote bone development. Perfect as a gift for children's birthdays, Christmas and Children's Day. This UFO ball is the perfect gift for your baby!

 How to play

Paw Bounce Ball is quickly passed between partners, and the deformation time of the ball is uncertain, when the ball pops out and deforms, holding the ball inside is a little genius in your hand

Play 2: Disc Battle Multiplayer Two teams play against each other, balls can be thrown at each other, but only in the form of a flying saucer.

How to play 3: Carry it with you A brand new trampling game! !! Step on it for 5-15 seconds. When the front foot is lightly stomped, the saucer ball will only bounce on one foot instead of standing or straddling the whole person

Benefits Of Our Paw Bounce Ball

✅Provides Physical Activity, & Stay Active

✅Helping Your Dog/Kid Maintain A Healthy Weight

✅Preventing Boredom & Promoting Mental Stimulation.

✅It Promotes Outdoor Activities, Allowing Your Dog/Kid To Enjoy Fresh Air & sunshine.

✅Reduce Stress & Anxiety

✅Promote relationship & relationship will be more harmonious

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Features/What’s Included

Material: Plastic

Colour: Red, Pink, Green, Blue

Size: 16*16cm

Weight: 200g

Package included: 1X Flying Saucer Ball Toy